Summer should ideally be a time for playing outdoors, by heading to the beach or getting the cricket set out to try to re-enact the Ashes (though hopefully not the Jonny Bairstow run-out incident). But it appears the weather has put a spanner in the works.

After what was officially Britain’s hottest June on record, July has proved to be something of a damp squib. Moreover, it appears that this is the norm for the year; the British weather in 2023 has been characterised by a series of weather patterns that have persisted for weeks on end.

If we are indeed locked into a lengthy month of dampness and drizzle, the school holidays will start in a rather grim fashion. However, if that means it isn’t good weather for outdoor play, then heading indoors to the trampoline park in Southampton may be just the thing for your kids to do.

By doing this they can avoid spending hours on end at home feeling frustrated or doing low-energy things like watching TV, which is hardly good from a health perspective at a time of year when there is normally lots of opportunity for exercise.

However, spending time bouncing around on a trampoline will burn off lots of energy and give them a fun time that they can enjoy for hours, even if it is pouring outside.

Indeed, trampolining comes with a range of great health benefits. As well as burning off calories, it helps with lymphatic flow, which uses movement to help remove toxins from the body and boost the immune system.

Another great benefit is it helps to strengthen bones and joints, which is a great benefit to youngsters growing up, as well as improving balance and posture.

Indeed, there are so many benefits from trampolining that you might be glad that the summer turned wet and made you look for something indoors for your children to enjoy!