The arrival of spring is often a time of great joy for kids, who will be excited by the prospect of getting outside and seeing colourful flowers, observing ducklings and lambs, as well as feeling the warmth of the sun as the chills of winter are left behind.

Unfortunately, as April 2023 has already shown, that is not always the case. The weather has been distinctly variable in recent weeks and the term ‘April showers’ – which the weather experts assure us is scientifically sound  – should be enough in itself to caution against relying on the weather being nice outdoors on any given day. 

If you are planning a children’s party next month, whether for the May Bank Holiday that has now become a coronation, or simply a birthday that happens to fall in May, it may be wise to think twice about staying outdoors then as well. The best kids party venues will always have indoor elements and our indoor fun areas are ideal to keep the youngsters amused whatever the weather is up to. 

Some might imagine May is a drier and warmer month than April and normally this is so, but not always; for instance, 2021 brought one of the wettest May’s on record, showing this is no reliable time for weather either.

Of course, any attempt to track what is going to happen one year in a particular month based on what occurred previously is foolhardy; it is Britain’s weather we are talking about, after all. But why take the risk? Yes, you could book a great indoor party venue and it is sunny outside, but that won’t spoil the day one bit. 

After all, such a party will be a highlight not often to be repeated. Hopefully the same will not be true of sunny days over the coming months.