Do I need socks for the Soft Play?

Yes all customers must have socks in the Soft Play, please bring these with you.

What do I wear for Trampolining?

Grips socks must be worn on the Trampoline area, these can be purchased at reception for £2. If you have these from another trampoline park you can bring these with you.

What do I wear for Climbing?

Sturdy, fully enclosed shoes must be worn when taking part in the Climbing, along with comfy clothing. No hoodies or sandals allowed, and long hair must be tied back.

What do I wear for the Interactive room?

Shoes must be worn in the Interactive room.

Do you have to pay to park?

Yes, the car park located outside Injoy does require payment, Southampton’s car park is card only. In busy times we recommend you use the multi story opposite the park. Please note the cark is owned by the Marina.

Electric cars customers can purchase £1 coins at reception.

Where do I put my belongings?

We do provide lockers at reception and in the Climbing area

How do the Electric Cars in the Soft Play work?

To use the cars you need £1 coin for a 2 minute ride. We can issue cash-back at reception.

Can I bring my own food?

No food is to be brought in from off-site as we have a strict allergy policy. Our restaurant menu has a wide range of foods for all ages, we can also cater for dietary requirements.

What ages can children attend on their own?

Children under 14 years old must not be left in the building unattended.

How old do you have to be for the activities?

If children are under height restriction for Interactive area, parents will need to be in the room but can accompany free of charge. Soft Play starts from birth, maximum age of 12. We have harnesses to fit smaller children so they can try the fun walls, we recommend from age 5 and up. Trampolines can be used by children of all ages but children under 5 must be accompanied. The airbag has a height restriction on 1.2 meters.