The summer holidays should be a time when your kids can get outside, explore nature, revel in the warm weather and burn off lots of energy in a healthy fashion. But this, of course, depends a lot on the weather.

Sadly, after enjoying the sunshine of the hottest UK June on record, the summer has turned unpleasantly wet, with the Jet Stream settling over Britain and barely budging all July. Nobody at the Met Office or anywhere else can be sure if it will get much better before it’s time to put on the new school year uniforms.

The soggy conditions will leave many families looking for more indoor activities in Southampton to do over the course of the holidays. Coming to an indoor play and leisure facility will make a brilliant alternative to sitting at home watching TV day after day.

Taking art classes is one great way for them to spend their time. Experts have listed a whole range of ways in which these can be beneficial for youngsters, for whom drawing is a natural form of expression.

Firstly, there is the fact that it helps them communicate and explore, developing their creativity. It also enables them to develop their motor skills more effectively and grow their confidence as they improve. It can also boost parent-child bonding as you talk with them about what they have created.

Another great skill kids can learn indoors in the holidays is cookery skills. To be able to learn to cook at an early age is to gain a wonderful life skill. It helps them appreciate food more and understand where it comes from, helps them to practice basic skills like reading, maths and the ability to follow instructions.

They can also become increasingly creative, build up confidence and a sense of achievement and, rather conveniently, they can also come home and help you with making meals at home. Perhaps they can even make tea as the culmination of the summer holiday project of learning to cook.

Of course, these don’t have to be all the things they do. Climbing, trampolining, fitness classes, indoor games of laser tag and more are all great ways of getting them active, healthier and occupied throughout the summer holidays, making new friends and creating great memories.

If the weather gets better, some will still look to get outdoors and enjoy some fun days, whether its watching or playing sports like cricket and football, enjoying the wooded wonders of the New Forest, or the high, airy hills and great views of the South Downs, or simply playing on the beach.

Even so, it may be that the indoor activities your kids enjoy this summer holidays prove to be the most enjoyable and rewarding, with a legacy that will stand them in good stead for many years to come.  

So if the rain stays around and indoors is where it is at through August, you may find, quite paradoxically, that 2023 turns out to be the best summer holidays of all.