Father’s Day is a great opportunity for dads to spend special time with their kids without having to worry about the stresses of work, house chores or getting on top of the garden. 

And something that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces is a day out at a play centre in Derby. After all, who doesn’t love to see their dads take part in a trampoline course or chase them around laser tag for the afternoon?

These types of centres aren’t just for kids, as parents can have lots of fun getting involved, whether they squirm their way through tubes on the soft play, clamber up the climbing walls, or try to do a flip on a trampoline. 

In fact, it could make dads feel years younger, as they can enjoy the chance to have unrestricted fun, let off some steam, and get their hearts racing. 

These types of activities offer a whole host of benefits, other than spending quality time with kids. 

Climbing, for instance, works muscles in your back, abs, legs, shoulders and arms. It also improves concentration, builds confidence, and clears your mind. 

Most dads though just want the accolade of beating their child up the climbing wall – if, of course, they are able to. 

Those with toddlers and babies often struggle to know how to play with their young children, but in soft play they can throw balls in the ballpit, make a tower of foam shapes, go down slides and climb up rope ladders together. 

This bonding time is just what dads want for Father’s Day!