Most Brits love it when the summer arrives after spending months waiting to play in the garden, go to the beach, or have picnics in the park. 

However, soaring temperatures can definitely be a challenge when you have children, as they can often find it difficult to cope with sweaty, humid conditions, have trouble falling or staying asleep, and are at risk of getting burnt if they play in the sunshine for too long. 

That is why parents often look for ways to protect their kids from too much sun exposure, despite how tempting it is to spend all day in the paddling pool. 

If you can drag your children away from playgrounds for longer than it takes to reapply sunscreen, take them somewhere indoors where you don’t have to worry about them getting burnt or feeling ill with heat stroke

An indoor play centre in Derby could be a good option, as they won’t give two monkeys they can’t have fun on a slip ‘n slide, as they’ll be too busy climbing walls, jumping into ball pits, and bouncing on trampolines. 

You could even take your kids ice-skating, which is certainly not your usual summer activity. Consequently, you might find it is quieter than during the winter, and you don’t have to endure slushy ice rinks.

Swimming pools are also a good option, as this allows them to cool down while still being protected from the midday sunshine. It won’t matter if the pools are indoors – as most in the UK are – because they’ll be having fun splashing around.